Nabilla, completely nearsighted, almost missed her plane!


In her Snapchat story, Nabilla said she almost never returned to Dubai. She was on the verge of missing her plane

We can be parents, have millions of followers, find ourselves in complete confinement, and still have time to travel. Proof of this is with Nabilla and Thomas who were in Kiev a few days ago. In fact, the two almost stayed there as they were on the verge of missing their plane.

Indeed, some may not have known, but Milann’s parents were indeed in another country. Since they can still travel by plane, they take advantage of it and are quite right.

However, unlike their last trips, Nabilla and Thomas made the choice to go to a destination cooler than usual. Exit Mauritius or Bora Bora and head to Ukraine in the cold of Kiev.

Cold or not, it is clear that the city is sublime. There is no doubt that the fans of Nabilla and her darling will not say the opposite. If they could see any moments the couple spent in the city in question on social media.

But all good things come to an end. That’s why the couple had to take the plane home. However, as we let you know, it almost went wrong.


The pretty brunette shared the funny news on her Snapchat account. Not really alarmed, Milann’s mom was filming the man when they were at the airport. It was he who urged her wife to go to boarding:

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“We have to move here we are going to miss it.” But before worrying, Nabilla was mostly surprised by her man. Surprised that the latter manages to see what he was written on the board:

“Wait but don’t tell me you can see everything over there? I do not see anything at all me. Okay, let’s go. We’re going to miss the plane again as usual … “In the end, more fear than harm.

Thomas and Nabilla did indeed have their plane and were able to find their son a few hours later.


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