Nabilla: Capucine Anav shares a photo file!


Capucine Anav posted a photo file of her in her Instagram Story. And Nabilla is present on the photo in question!

Vintage! In her recent Instagram Story, Capucine Anav therefore unveiled an old photo. On the latter, she strikes a pose alongside Nabilla.

During a question-answer launched in her Instagram Story, the pretty brunette revealed the very first photo of her phone. And this last one is a very vintage photo.

The image in question is just an old cliché. Above, Capucine Anav therefore appears surrounded by Nabilla. But that’s not all, since Ayem Nour and Caroline Receveur are also present. Just that !

The photo is from 2015, judging by the dress style of young women. The photo dates back to when Capucine was a host on NRJ12. And Nabilla too.

As a caption, the young woman wrote this. “Even I am shocked”. Netizens did not fail to let him know on Instagram.

Last I heard, Capucine Anav and Nabilla are on the cold. Indeed, when she was a columnist in TPMP, the ex of Louis Sarkozy regularly made inappropriate remarks about the pretty brunette.

Nabilla Capucine Anav posts photo file on Instagram


“Nasturtium… you were wondering where she was. Now you know. She was in prison! “So slipped the columnist in 2017. A tackle towards Nabilla who had therefore made a lot of talk in 2017.

Two years ago, it was Nabilla who sent a spade to her former friend Capucine on Snapchat. While visiting her grandmother’s garden, the young woman made a comment about the nasturtiums.

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The young woman therefore had a disproportionate reaction when her grandmother told her that the flowers in her garden were nasturtiums. “Nasturtiums. Ah yuck. It’s ugly… These are the ugliest flowers in the world, ”the beauty influencer said.

So you will have understood it. The two young women therefore debuted together on television. They have never really been friends. In an interview, Capucine Anav therefore confided this to the press: “I fear that Nabilla will take her place in TPMP”.

What Nabilla had responded to. “Miskina. So I wouldn’t take your place. We therefore do not play in the same court. Never. “. Before adding an assassin hashtag “#suceSarko”. Ouch.

A tackle moderately appreciated by Capucine. And we understand it. So she hadn’t wanted to add more fuel to the fire. For several years, Capucine and Nabilla have ignored each other.

Several years after their clash, Capucine Anav had therefore openly criticized the young woman. She had made a reality show about her life. “We know Nabilla. We know she’s a liar. Reality TV about his life was rotten. They were just comedians. Her best friend was recruited by casting. We know it. »Atmosphere.


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