Nabilla can’t wait to see her grandmother Livia again!


It has been a while since Nabilla has been able to see her grandmother Livia because of the pandemic. And his absence begins to weigh on him …

It’s no secret that Nabilla is very family! And he misses her grandmother Livia terribly… The pretty brunette has made it known on Snapchat.

We no longer present Nabilla! A businesswoman and influencer, she is – to this day – one of the most followed stars on social media.

For several years, Tarek’s sister has been quietly leading her little life in Dubai. Alongside her husband Thomas and her son Milann, Nabilla brilliantly manages her family life and her incredible business.

His daily life is as fascinating as it is intriguing! The latest news is that its make-up lines continue to be a hit with its community.

A fan of social networks, she enjoys immortalizing all her photoshoots to promote her “Nabilla Beauty” brand. And all his posts are a hit with his subscribers. Class!

While Liaam’s aunt is very active on Instagram, she does not forget her Snapchat account. A few hours ago, the star made it known that she missed someone she knew very much.


As you can see, Nabilla unveiled a sublime photo of her grandmother Livia! Facing the lens, his grandfather poses proudly with a chic outfit!

In any case, she is no stranger to the general public… Quite the contrary! In the past, Livia has appeared on her baby girl’s reality shows on several occasions.

On screen, his energy and humor quickly won over viewers! In addition, the latter has always had a very close relationship with Nabilla.

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Nabilla and Thomas are so happy to be uncle and aunt!

But this year, nothing went as planned! Because of the health crisis, their family reunion was particularly disrupted following health measures.

So to save her grandmother, Nabilla did not want to take any risks. “So looking forward to finding you my queen,” she wrote in her adorable post. So cute!


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