Nabilla can’t wait have second child with Thomas Vergara


The starlet Nabilla is very keen to have a second child with her darling Thomas Vergara! We tell you everything.

Nabilla would like to have a second child with her husband Thomas Vergara!

The young starlet is very active on social networks. Indeed, Nabilla shares her daily life on Instagram or Snapchat where she publishes Stories throughout the day.

We are thus not far from knowing her schedule. The young woman does not hesitate to share memories. Or further her desires with her thousands of followers who follow her very closely.

They seem to always be very happy to discover the life of their favorite star. Between the education of her son Milann and her appointments with the hairdresser, Nabilla also takes the opportunity to share memories of her Snapchat account.

So, she recently shared a photo of her ovulation test from last year. The cliché then aroused the curiosity of its subscribers.

The latter did not hesitate to write him messages to ask him questions about this ovulation test. Some people wonder if the young woman is planning to make a little brother or a little sister to her little Milann.

The starlet who is very close to her community was happy to answer them. Eh yes !

So it was on her way to her hairdressing appointment that the pretty brunette decided to give more details on the subject. We tell you more!


Milann’s young mother therefore spoke on Snapchat to answer questions from her fans. The latter asked her if she wanted a second child with Thomas.

“Yes I want one. »Answers the young woman. Nabilla says, however, that she does not know if “it will be soon or in some time. ”

But she assures her fans that, along with her husband Thomas Vergara, they plan to have another child. “With Thomas we want to expand our family. “Said the young woman, stressing that they want a big family.

As for the number of children Nabilla wants to have, she doesn’t know yet. “I don’t know if I want two or three. »Confides the young mother.

“We think about it more and more”. admits the starlet. She will also explain that their son has changed their life and that she feels good in this new family life.

“And because I love my husband. So obviously we want to have more babies. »Concludes the sweetheart of Thomas Vergara. So that is very clear!

The starlet is therefore very keen to have more children with her sweetheart. It remains to be seen when will they take the plunge. Case to be continued.


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