Nabilla: Camélia Benattia revealed her son’s name!


On her Instagram account, Camélia Benattia, Nabilla’s sister-in-law, has just revealed the name of her son and that of Tarek.

After 9 months of waiting, Camélia Benattia was finally able to let her joy explode. Indeed, Nabilla’s sister-in-law became a mother a few hours ago. For the occasion, she announced the news on her social media and also revealed her son’s first name.

Because yes, since we learned that she was pregnant, the young woman has never disclosed the first name of her child. You just had to be patient and wait for the birth. Considering that within hours of her baby boy’s arrival, Tarek’s wife revealed what we all expected.

Nabilla’s sister-in-law thus revealing the first name of her wonder. A name already known by some unlike Thibault and Jessica who chose Maylone for their little boy. The new mother, having decided to name her son Liaam.

It was through her Instagram account that the pretty brunette made this announcement. It didn’t take less to please her fans, who were very quick to respond.

In any case, the least that can be said is that the announcement of Nabilla’s sister-in-law made her followers very happy.


As we let you know, it was therefore through her social networks that the young mother shared her happiness with her fanbase. By means of a very nice message, this one made it known:

“On 11.11.20 at 7:57 am our son Liaam 3kg730 was born. What word would be strong enough to describe how you filled my heart with love? I still wonder how I managed to live without you, you gave meaning to my life my son. »Nabilla’s sister-in-law said cheerfully.

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Before adding: “Your dad supported me throughout my pregnancy. You made us a family. There are now three of us for better and for worse. ”

So it remains to be seen at what level of happiness Nabilla is, now that she is an auntie.


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