Nabilla Beauty mascara promotion and supreme Nabilla!


Bomb alert ! Nabilla shared a sexy shoot for the promotion of her new mascara. And its look left no one indifferent!

Nabilla is starting the year off on a high note! Indeed, the it girl has just unveiled a new product from her makeup brand. And the latter did not do things by halves for her promo! Quickly discover her sexy new look!

Nabilla has become a real business woman over the years! Indeed, the bomb decided to launch her own business by creating a makeup brand.

The young mother is now at the head of Nabilla Beauty. She offers a range of ultra glamorous makeup to allow her fans to copy her look. We love !

Thomas’s sweetheart is hugely successful with her designs. She therefore gives her all to develop her brand over the months!

Yesterday, Nabilla announced the arrival of something new for 2021! The beauty addict has decided to release her own mascara for XXL eyelashes. Something to delight her many fans!

The pretty brunette unveiled a very glamorous shoot to promote this new product. And surprise! The latter is sexier than ever!


Nabilla appears in a black top and silk gloves. The bombshell also addresses gorgeous wavy hair, which she has fun picking up for a sultry effect.

On the makeup side, the young mother opted for a pretty smoky eyes. This allows him to highlight the effects of her new mascara.

The beauty addict fixes the lens with a fiery gaze. It didn’t take much more to captivate her many fans!

Indeed, Internet users did not remain indifferent when they discovered this sexy shoot. It must be said that Nabilla is superb!

The it girl has therefore received thousands of compliments in the comments. It is therefore a successful bet for this new event promo!

And you, what do you think of her shoot?


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