Nabilla beach with a bouquet of flowers in a bikini


His job ? To sell dreams. Since the start of her notoriety, Nabilla has not lost a single opportunity to make her subscribers fantasize.

With a community of over 6 million subscribers, the fiery brunette feels very close to her. Thus, Milann’s mother spends her days publishing content for them.

Indeed, Thomas Vergara’s wife never wants to abandon her subscribers. Like a “best friend”, she tells them about all her adventures.

In the program ? Photoshoots, but also moments of complicity with her darling or with her little boy. Or just simple moments in life.

Then you will understand: there is nothing to be bored of. In fact, Nabilla always finds time in her busy schedule to have her photograph taken.

And this, not for photo shoots organized by brands. But simply for his Instagram. As for his last publication!


In this shot, Nabilla turns the temperature up a notch. In short, the young woman is on the beach. Thus, this one wears a bikini in black and white, signed by the house Christian Dior. He’s hot !

But that’s not all ! In front of Dubai’s must-see skyscrapers, Milann’s mother appears with a huge bouquet of flowers in her hand.

What to question his fans. Why is Nabilla holding sunflowers on Dubai beach in a bikini? However, the reality TV contestant does not explain further.

In the caption of her publication, the it-girl is content simply to put emojis: “🌻💕”. In any case, its subscribers find it really sublime! And you what do you think ?

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