Nabilla and Thomas try to eat well “It’s important”!


On her Snapchat account, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara let it be known that they were careful what they ate for the past few days

Food is perhaps the most important thing to do in order to stay healthy. Nabilla and Thomas Vergara know this and that is why they have decided to take charge. No more McDonalds, Burgers and other fast food, make way for vegetables and fish.

But until when ? That is the question. Indeed, we are at the start of the year. In other words, a few days after the New Year and therefore, after the good resolutions. Everyone takes it, but few people stick to it.

Whether it is to quit smoking or to take up sport, hardly anyone is able to keep their promise. But it seems that Nabilla decided on January 1 at midnight to stop eating anything.

Since it’s been a few days since we’ve seen her eat better things than before. Without doubt aware that it remains followed by millions of people, it owes it to itself to lead by example. This requires a healthy diet and not excessive fat.

It remains to be seen how long Nabilla will last and whether she will succeed in eating only fish and vegetables for several weeks.


But nothing tells us that, on Sunday, the couple will go to McDonalds to blow up a maxi best of menu. As surprising as it may seem, it should be because it is advisable to eat fat, at least once a week.

Well, even more so when we are trying to diet or rebalance food. So that our body does not “go wild”, it is indeed advisable to bring it a little “happiness”. By eating foods that we used to eat and have forbidden ourselves. Nabilla should be delighted with this news.

It remains to be seen whether Thomas’ wife will want to tempt the devil. Maybe she’s afraid of falling back into her faults and allowing herself a gap. Because even if we are advised to do it from time to time, we can quickly give up all our efforts after having tasted it.

Kind of like when you stop smoking. We may have been able to quit for 5 years, all it takes is a cigarette to get us back into it… Hopefully that won’t happen with Nabilla and the food.


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