Nabilla and Thomas are so happy to be uncle and aunt!


Pink notebook for the Benattia clan! On the Web, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara have finally formalized the birth of their nephew in the maternity ward!

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara are in heaven. And for good reason, the couple have just announced the birth of their long-awaited nephew on Instagram.

For a few hours Nabilla has been on a cloud, and there is something! Yesterday, his little brother Tarek and his partner Camélia welcomed their first child.

A little boy that internet users can’t wait to discover. On the web, many of the couple’s fans have already posted adorable messages to congratulate them.

Being very close to her community, Nabilla was therefore quick to give news of her nephew. But also of his sister-in-law.

“So we are officially uncle and auntie. For all the people who ask me. In addition to being parents, now we have a little nephew, “said the businesswoman on Thursday, November 12. “And we are very happy”.

“1 year and 1 month”, underlined Thomas Vergara. To which Milann’s mom added: “So the family has grown. At the moment we cannot give you more details. Anyway, everything is fine and everything has gone really well “.


To reassure her community, Nabilla still released other information about her nephew. “Due to the covid measurements, here the moms haven’t even been able to see the baby yet,” the star said.

And to clarify with a smile: “But we saw it. He is magnificent. We saw him yesterday. We couldn’t share it too much. And with covid and everything in hospitals it’s really very strict. ”

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Before concluding: “And suddenly we wait until he comes home to go see him again”. In the process, Nabilla also confirmed that his brother and his sister-in-law should very soon reveal the name of their son on the Web. We look forward !


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