Nabilla and Milann match their Christmas outfits

The beautiful Nabilla has just arrived in France! A good occasion for the beauty to post a superb Christmas photo with her little Milann!
Nabilla posted a very nice photo with her son on the web! She gave Milann to her Christmas outfit!
That’s it ! The Vergara have just arrived in France! Super good news!
Indeed, they were really too anxious to return to see their family … Especially Nabilla who wants to see her grandma!
Eh yes ! It’s been several months since the reality TV star and her grandmother have not found each other… Because of the pandemic, Livia did not want to take any risks…
Thus, the young mother could not count on her grandma for the first birthday of her little Milann! You might as well say that it broke her heart …
However, Nabilla and Livia will finally reunite and celebrate the end of the year together! Indeed, the sweetheart of Thomas Vergara has just arrived on French soil!


For Nabilla, Christmas is even more beautiful since she became a mom! Indeed, with his son, the magic of this party is even more present!
Especially since little Milann is growing at a great pace! Thus, he begins to understand what Christmas symbolizes!
His mom therefore decided to post a photo in the theme with her son on Instagram! Too cute…
We can see Milann at the foot of the tree, ultra complicit with Nabilla! Both are dressed in red and white jumpsuits… They make us fall for it!
And we are not the only ones! Indeed, in the comments, the fans reacted en masse!
Thus, we could read: “Holala, what a fantastic picture. You are cannons! “Or” I’m a fan of your bond, it really makes you want to have a boy! “
In any case, at MCETV, we fully validate this shooting!


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