Nabilla and her little family are finally back in Paris!


Nabilla has just posted a new video on her Snapchat account. The young woman has reunited with her family and is very happy!

Nabilla is talking about her a lot these days. And for good reason, for a few years now, she has lived in Dubai and is at the heart of a war with Jazz.

Indeed, the latter accused Nabilla of stealing her hairdresser. A situation that had annoyed him. On Snapchat, the young woman had pushed a rant and had clashed Nabilla.

“I always shut up, I always say nothing because I am a nice girl, I am not a plague. You are so obsessed with me Nabilla Benattia, I’m just quoting your name ”.

But that’s not all. A few days later, Jazz was talking about her again. The former reality TV contestant was filming her boy putting on nail polish. She then forbade him, explaining that it was for girls.

A situation that Nabilla did not understand. She then responded on her social networks by revealing that her son would remain free.


Nabilla and her little family are finally back in Paris!
Following this, Jazz once again took it out on Nabilla. She said, “Do you know what she did? She even called Fendi’s store to ask them not to collaborate with me. ”

“Because they had done a collaboration with me and they were pissed off.”

And today Nabilla is still talking about her vis-à-vis Jazz. Maeva Ghennam succeeded in breaking up the Jazz and Laurent couple, in particular after revealing the deceptions. Some internet users therefore accuse Nabilla of having devised everything and of having engrained Maeva.

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So the young woman decided to get away from her worries for a few days. She just reunited with her little family for Christmas, and the least we can say is that she is happier than ever. She shared this moving reunion with her followers on her Snapchat account.


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