Nabilla a coronavirus because of Manon Marsault?

Manon Marsault has tested positive for Covid-19! Did Julien Tanti’s companion transmit the virus to her friend Nabilla?

The year 2021 does not start off under the best auspices for Manon Marsault. Tested positive for Covid-19, Tiago and Angelina’s mother could well have infected her friend Nabilla …

Not long ago, Nabilla’s girlfriend therefore announced very bad news to her fans … You will no doubt understand, Manon Marsault therefore has the Covid-19!

“I didn’t sleep all night […] I am positive for Covid. Fortunately, the whole family is negative. I did well, 2 days ago, to isolate myself in the room when I started to be a little unwell.

I won’t hide from you that I was in tears last night […] There is much worse in life, it has happened to a lot of people, I’m not the only one, but hey. ”

Thus, the one who shares Julien Tanti’s life could well have contaminated her friend Nabilla. The 2 young women spent the New Year together!


Very quickly, Nabilla then reacted to the announcement of her great friend Manon Marsault. And yet, his words are not reassuring!

“Our friend just told us she has the Covid, so we found out this morning. Well, I don’t have a runny nose.

But I’m extremely tired and like I’m cold. We’re going to do the Covid tests. I will keep you informed of what happens. ”

Did Nabilla catch the Covid-19 during her last evening with Manon Marsault? There are indeed chances …

We are waiting for news from the internet star!

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