N26 in Brazil: learn how to enter the digital bank’s queue


The German digital bank N26, a financial startup that was famous for allowing the opening of an account in Europe over the internet, received authorization from the Central Bank to operate in Brazil at the end of the year 2020. With a share capital of R $ 2.008 million, institution will have its headquarters in São Paulo.

Created in Germany in 2013, the N26 arrived in the United States in 2019, where it has a portfolio with hundreds of thousands of American customers. The great advantage of fintech is to facilitate access to a digital account, allowing opening in a few minutes and directly from home and managing money according to the client’s objectives.

In the same way as other digital banks, such as Nubank, the N26 combines all its functions in the application itself (available for Android and iOS). Once installed, it is possible to open the account on the cell phone, choose from three options of plans, including free, free withdrawals at ATMs and card with technology for payments by approach.

How to enter the N26 Brasil queue?

As the approval to operate in Brazil is still recent, the option to open the account directly through the application is not yet available, but the N26 allows the registration of future customers on a waiting list that allows priority in the release of the account opening.

To enter the N26 waiting list, simply access the bank’s website at this link, and click on the “Waiting list” option. After that, just inform your e-mail and wait for the institution to contact you, which will happen soon, as it is already authorized to operate in the country.

As soon as the account is opened, there will be no fees or maintenance costs. It is also not necessary to keep any amount in the account, as there are no insufficient fund fees. For customers who wish, there are options for paid packages for those who want to operate with different brands, insurance or other benefits.


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