Myths and realities of COVID-19, Is it really deadly?


Myths and realities of COVID-19, Is it really deadly? Find out and don’t let collective hysteria take over you.

After the announcement of the discovery of the first cases of Coronavirus in Wuhan, a province of China, the world has remained on alert, mainly due to the rapid spread of this viral infection.

After a few days, the numbers of cases increased within that country, also reaching other territories. The fear of a possible pandemic has filled more than one with concern and as a consequence has come the misinformation that only promotes panic.

But is the COVID-19 virus so serious? Keep reading so you know what are the myths and realities of this disease so you can protect yourself without being carried away by fear.

Does coronavirus mean the end of humanity?
Not at all, in fact, influenza is a virus that causes many more deaths than the coronavirus and is treated with it all the time. What distinguishes Coronavirus and indicates its severity, is that it is a virus that has a great capacity for replication and contagion.

What are the best ways to prevent it?
Regular hygiene measures will be sufficient, such as performing a proper hand wash with alcohol or chlorhexidine constantly, avoid touching your face and eyes frequently, eating well to stay healthy and with good defenses etc.

Does vitamin C serve to prevent it?
No, vitamin C has no effect on the COVID-19 virus, although it is used to prevent colds, when it comes to this new virus it will not work in the same way.

Is there already a medicine to fight with COVID-19?
Although there is not yet a vaccine to counteract the symptoms of coronavirus, there is another medication that is being used for its treatment. It is a medicine called Chloroquine, which is used for the treatment of Malaria, Arthritis and Lupus, since its use inhibits virus replication.

Why is there no vaccine?
It takes about a year to conduct the studies and tests necessary to create a vaccine that is efficient and does not put those who apply it at risk.

With the change of season the virus could disappear?
It is known that the virus does not have the capacity to adapt to high temperatures, so it is expected that with the entry of a warmer season the virus will be eliminated in some countries.

Are shipments from China dangerous?
It has been proven that the virus lasts 9 days active on non-living surfaces, considering that shipments from Asian countries usually take even a month to reach their destination, there is no probability that the virus will be transported.

Does getting COVID-19 mean certain death?
So far there have been a total of 80 thousand infections and only 2 thousand deaths, although the figure may seem high, the reality is that only 2% of carriers have lost their battle against the virus, in addition, that 2% corresponds to people with certain conditions that promoted the development of the virus, such as an advanced age, some systemic failure, a basic pathology that they already possessed before becoming infected. Therefore, even if you get it, it is likely that after receiving treatment you can continue with your normal life.


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