The mystery of Binance’s intriguing announcement has been resolved


“Binance Smart Chain” appeared under the mysterious announcement of cryptocurrency exchange Binance a few days ago. BNB staking is possible with Binance Smart Chain, which has smart contract features.

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance made a mysterious post a few days ago from their official Twitter accounts and with the effect of this announcement, the price of BNB approached $ 16.

The relevant post included a Binance logo and the letters E, V and 0.3.3. Many Binance users had made various predictions, while question marks emerged about what this meant.

Users thought that the stock market was developing a new version and the letters and numbers used meant “Exchange version 3.0”.

“Binance Smart Chain” came out of gold
Details were reported with the announcement made today from the stock market. Accordingly, Binance has created a new blockchain with smart contract features called Binance Smart Chain.

In the statement, the expressions “An innovative solution that provides programmability and interoperability to Binance Chain” were used for Binance Smart Chain, which will enable smart contracts.

It will also be possible to staking in BNB with Binance Smart Chain. The white paper of the new project was also published.


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