The Mystery Behind The Strange Outfits of BTS at The Airport


The Mystery Behind The Strange Outfits of BTS at The Airport  The reason why Jin, Suga and J-Hope dressed this way has just been clarified …

After leaving ARMY on hold for 7 months , the mystery of sunflowers has been revealed.

Suga, J-Hope, and Jin , members of BTS , on June 10, 2019 were captured by the cameras of reporters at the airport in Incheon with a very striking article that adorned his face.

These BTS boys brought a flower on their face , which is a sunflower , amid the confusion of why the boys carried that, fans around the world speculated what it was or what they were up to, but they didn’t get Official answers about the explanation of these outfits .

Time passed and to this day the mystery surrounding Jin, J-Hope and Suga was over …

What happened was that, during a dynamic that the idols performed for one of their series, the boys agreed that the person who lost would have to use those flowers on his head and as you can imagine, Jin, J-Hope and Suga , they were the ones who had the least points in the game , that’s why that time they were at the airport they had to fulfill the punishment .

This was revealed after the premiere of episode number 94 of RUN BTS! , where finally ARMY knows what happened to these guys to use so ‘exotic’ outfit and that everyone turned to see them.


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