We have no doubt that Ariana, is one of the most beautiful girls in the musical medium, is always impressing us with her songs, outfits, or sometimes that she neglects her distinguished ponytail, but did you know that the singer has a favorite side of your face? Do not stop reading the note.

It is said that the interpreter of “7 Rings” only lets you photograph yourself on the left side, the reason? Grande has a dimple on that side, which gives it a cute and cute touch, and that’s how he wants his fans and the rest of the world to see it. Omggg!

In most of his videos, it is this profile that is most focused. Although she is not the only celebrity who believes she has a better side to the other, she is one of the most demanding ones when it comes to red carpets or presentations. We still have no difference, the truth is that Ari is a very beautiful girl.

No matter what angle we see her, she always manages to impress us with her beauty and her incredible talent. It is normal that there are poses that we like more than others, so it is also understandable that the celebs go through the same.

Which side of your face do you prefer?

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