Mysterious WhatsApp magnifier for what?


On WhatsApp, messages that have been shared many times in different chats contain a special “Forwarded” tag. This tag, which includes a two-arrow icon, allows users to identify when a received message was not written by one of their close contacts. Being one of the most used functions of the app, and in order to maintain privacy on WhatsApp, at the beginning of this year, limits were set on the forwarding of messages.

The limit on WhatsApp Forwarding

The reason? In case many false messages were not already distributed, the COVID-19 threat was the germ to spread and spread many hoaxes, using ‘Forward’ as the best weapon. But, in fact, WhatsApp itself can also know when one of these messages is being forwarded in a massive way -even if you don’t see it reflected-, and this is precisely where the new function of the app comes in.

For a few days, users of the latest version of WhatsApp Beta – the version in which all the new functions are tested before they are officially released – have found something new: the icon of a magnifying glass that appears next to you of a message you just received. And also the icon that should make you distrust the nature of that message.

What does the WhatsApp magnifying glass mean

What happens if you see a magnifying glass next to a message you just received? Well, WhatsApp is suspicious of that message because it knows that it has been forwarded frequently, and gives you the option to verify it to be sure if it is better to delete it or not. If you hit the magnifying glass, the application offers you to copy that message and search it as is in Google, to see if it contains false information or, on the contrary, it is true.

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In tests for several months for the Beta versions of WhatsApp, the company announced on its official blog that the ‘Internet Search’ function has already been officially released for the final versions of the application. Since yesterday it is available in the following countries, and for those who use the latest versions of WhatsApp on Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web:

– Brazil

– Spain

– U.S

– Italy

– Ireland

– Mexico

– UK


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