Mysterious Whales Are Aggressively Picking This Altcoin From The Bottom!


According to the latest data, Chainlink (LINK) is in the focus of the leading altcoin Ethereum (ETH) whales.

Ethereum whales take an interest in the popular altcoin LINK

It all started when a mysterious Ethereum Whale started buying Chainlink quickly. Ranked #35 in the largest whales ranking by Whalestats, the whale first purchased 60,000 LINK worth $1,531,200. A total of $15.3 million worth of LINK was then added to the portfolio with six more recurring purchases. Chainlink currently represents 77 percent of the portfolio of the 35th largest whale.

The largest purchase from whale #35 seems to have started a trend to buy LINK among whales. Another mysterious Ethereum whale then made four consecutive transactions and accumulated a large number of LINK coins in its portfolio. In its first transaction, the whale purchased 45,999 Chainlinks for $1,241,973. The other transaction took place an hour later, and the whale had accumulated another 54,999 LINK for $1,484,994.

An hour later, the whale made the third transaction, accumulating 40,999 more Chainlinks worth $1,106,987. Then he made the last trade and bought 39,999 LINK for $1,079,986. In the last 24 hours, this whale has accumulated 181,996 LINK worth $4.3 million. Overall this Whale currently holds 634,040 LINK coins worth $13.6 million. Another whale, the 99th largest after the two whales, bought 50,122 LINK ($1,304,174). In the last 24 hours, whales have accumulated 870,335 LINK worth $20.8 million. At the time of writing, LINK is trading at $24.09, down 7.1 percent.