Mysterious Explanations From Yearn.Finance Founder


Yearn.Finance (YFI) Founder Andre Cronje made a number of statements on Twitter. Cronje talked about a new update of in a statement.

YFI Founder Andre Cronje did not talk about the update details, although he gave a small tip on Twitter about this new update. With DeFi becoming popular today, Andre Cronje has become one of the most talked about names. Cronje stated that a new system will be implemented regarding YFI and that this system will be “the most complex system ever”. Cronje did not neglect to give small clues about the system.

Accordingly, the new system will benefit from the technologies of projects such as Aave, Synthetix, iEarn Finance and Chainlink. Cronje, in the continuation of the tweet, said to his followers, “Should we publish a whitepaper-like article to explain before the launch or just start it out at once and surprise everyone?” directed the question.

Survey Conducted

Cronje, the child of the DeFi world, also conducted a survey with this question he asked his followers on Twitter. The survey received 5,700 votes so far, and 54% of these votes were those who wanted a surprise. 8 hours left until the vote is over.

Qiao Wang, one of the well-known names in the cryptocurrency world, replied that Cronje was in favor of the publication of the whitepaper. Wang said:

“Please explain. Help people understand the risks. ”

Where Can YFI Reach?

Everyone wonders where’s fundamentals are stronger than ever, where YFI will reach over time. The cryptocurrency has already seen an exponential boom in value, but some are confident that this surge will continue further.

See Also (YFI) Reaches Critical Level

Mechanism Capital, a crypto asset fund headed by Andrew Kang, recently tackled this question in a comprehensive blog post, News NTC reports. The firm said the cryptocurrency could rise above $ 300k by implementing an optimistic discounted cash flow model for YFI.

According to Coingecko data, (YFI) was trading at $ 23,324 at the time of writing. The cryptocurrency hit its all-time high on September 12, 2020 with $ 43,678.11. Many analysts think the YFI will be more successful day by day. Therefore, the statements of the founder Cronje are very important.


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