Mysterious Cube Is Found On The Moon By Chinese Rover


Cube: While working in the crater Von Kármán, the pilots of the Chinese rover Yutu took the opportunity to take pictures of the lunar horizon. They were the first pictures the rover had taken under the dark sky. Drivers were zooming in on the photos, one by one, when suddenly a mysterious cube on the horizon leapt into view, catching everyone’s attention.

Was it a mysterious alien “hut”? Or remnants of a spacecraft from previous ground missions? Pilots rushed to consult scientists about the discovery, and were reassured. The object may just be a stone, and it appears to be located 80 meters from the motorized robot. Still, researchers want to go there and get a better look.

The discovery was announced on the blog Our Space, an outreach channel affiliated with the National Space Administration of China (CNSA), responsible for the Chinese space program.

The blog named the object the “mysterious cabin”. The curious shape of this rock that caught the attention of researchers may have been caused by impacts on the Moon’s surface, such as the fall of meteorites.

In the next two or three lunar days — equivalent to two or three Earth months — the Chinese rover will approach the object. Traveling on the lunar surface avoiding different craters can take time, even over short distances, but we can expect discovery updates.