Mysterious creatures discovered deep in Antarctica


Scientists conducting some research in Antarctica discovered mysterious creatures that had never been seen before in the depths of the ice sheet. Researchers had to drill half a millimeter of ice to examine these mysterious creatures lurking beneath the Antarctic shelf.

Antarctica witnesses new discoveries

Investigating a half-mile-thick mass of ice found in Antarctica’s Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, researchers came across strange creatures passing through a rock just below the ice floe. Using GoPro, a team of polar scientists from the British Antarctic Survey, who studied rock at a depth of more than 4000 feet, imaged creatures with stems resembling alien antennae on their heads.

“This discovery is one of the glorious events that pushes ideas in a different direction and shows us that Antarctic marine life is incredibly special,” said Huw Griffits, the lead author of the British Antarctic Survey, in a press release.

It’s not uncommon to find life at depth in the open ocean. But a reconnaissance made 160 miles inside, beneath the ice sheet, made that different. It was believed that only moving creatures occupied such a place under Antarctica. The reason for this was the lack of nutrients in the region. The discovery of 22 different creatures also shows us that there is a lot to learn.

Researchers suggest that such creatures in the open ocean could survive among hydrothermal vents and deep stones. In addition, there is a danger that such creatures will say goodbye to their habitats due to the risks brought about by climate change.

For now, scientists surveying just the size of a tennis court – 200 square meters – will need to scan more than 1.5 million square kilometers to study habitats.


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