“My miracle”: Anna-Maria Ferchici is grateful to Amaya


Anna-Maria Ferchici (40) dedicates touching lines to her daughter Amaya. In June last year, the influential personality and her husband Bushido (44 years old) announced that they were expecting triplets. But the brunette’s pregnancy was not as carefree as she had hoped: she had to fear for the life of her unborn daughter Amaya. In November, Sarah Connor’s 42-year-old sister was finally able to breathe easy: her triplets were born completely healthy. However, Amaya’s worries remain unforgettable. Anna-Maria dedicated a touching post on the web to her daughter.

“You defied all the statistics and stayed with us! You are my miracle!”, – wrote the 40-year-old man on Instagram. Her husband Bushido also spoke emotionally about his little daughter. “I don’t have enough words when I think about the past year. Although she is tiny, but she has the heart of a lion,” the rapper commented on his wife’s post.

Despite the fact that Amaya’s daughter was born healthy, the baby is still different from her two sisters. “She’s still so, so small and fragile, her sisters are such a stark contrast to her,” Anna—Maria told her fans in her Instagram story in April.


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