My Lovable Camera Thief, Ji Chang Wook’s new drama


Korean entertainment does not stop and love stories will be part of the winter season with “City Couple’s Way of Love.”

The KakaoTV platform is developing a new project to launch its next Korean drama, which will feature the participation of actors Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won, in addition, it already promises to be a success, since it will have the work of the director from stories like “It’s okay to not be okay” and the writer of “Romance is a Bonus Book” by Lee Jung Suk.

According to early reports, the drama is scheduled to premiere in the winter, that is, at the end of 2020. Filming could begin soon. “City Couple’s Way of Love” will have a different format than the dramas you know, as it will be divided into several seasons that will tell a different love story.

The first one is titled “My Lovable Camera Thief”, starring Ji Chang Wook (Backstreet Rookie) and Kim Ji Won, the hated Rachel from The Heirs, but now it will show a new side and steal the heart of the protagonist in this drama, in addition , the actress assured that she wants to show her new side through her character and create a little joy in the current world situation.

Regarding the premiere of “My Lovable Camera Thief”, there is still no specific date, but the episodes of the series will last only 30 minutes, it is a short drama that will make you sigh with couples starring characters who live hectic lives in the city, but they find time for love.

This first season will show the life of “Park Chae Won”, an architect who loves city streets, he is a man whose heart was captivated by a girl whom he considers a “thief”, but he has not been able to forget her even though she disappeared of their life. On the other hand, his partner is a girl who decides to change his identity.


“Lee Eun Oh” is a little saleswoman who decides to change her true identity and pretends to be Yoon Sun Ah, who arrives in a city unknown to her and meets an architect who will make her fall in love instantly. Will her love survive despite what she hides?


Another drama that is premiering is “18 Again”, a story based on the movie starring Zac Efron.


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