My Hero Academy: who are the big three?


My Hero Academia features some of the best character arches, quirks, and relationships. For example, the two main characters best known for their friendship between love and hate are Deku and Bakugo. Both boys have experienced so much together and learned a lot about themselves (and each other). Other friendships include the friendship between Eraser Head and Present Mic, which dates back to their school years.

However, of all the relationships and groups in My Hero Academia U.A., the “Big Three” of High School is perhaps one of the most interesting groups. But who exactly are the “Big Three” and why did they get this title?

The Big Three

The “Big Three” includes three of the strongest third-year students of UA: Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado and Tamaki Amajiki. Interestingly, the strongest does not necessarily mean physical strength (at least for two out of three). Rather, the extent of their quirks and their ability to use and control them make them the Big Three. Their quirks also vary considerably.

My Hero Academy introduces the Big Three to Class 1-A for the first time when Aizawa, the homeroom teacher of the class, brings them in to formally introduce them to his students. Although the “Big Three” are equally strong, it is clear that Mirio Togata has taken on the role of leader because of his natural sociability and friendly demeanor.

Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata, or Lemillion, is one of the most striking characters of My Hero Academia. His strength and abilities are so strong that the Almighty once thought of giving him “One for All”, but changed his mind after meeting with Deku. Mirio is also approachable and friendly, which is quite obvious from his appearance. He is playful, silly, energetic and kind, which almost contradicts his enormous strength, interesting quirk and insight. Mirio’s quirk allows him to pass through physical objects and transform his body into one that cannot be touched physically. In the case of the latter, if he had been hit, the fist would have passed through his body. Along with this, Mirio is a particularly strong, fast and capable fighter. These qualities make him the ideal person to lead the “Big Three”.

In addition, Mirio’s determination and general optimism help him after he loses his quirk, protecting Eri from a quirk-destroying bullet. He doesn’t seem to mind being causeless, despite the fact that he has been training his abilities for most of his life. All this time he keeps his vigor, which testifies to his true heroism. Like Deku, Mirio is the “stuff” of the hero, even if he doesn’t have his own quirk. Fortunately, Eri helps him to restore his quirk. However, it is clear that Mirio, the leader of the Big Three, has always been a hero. After all, heroes are born, not become.

Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado, who is also called the hero Nejire Chan, is one of the strongest students whose abilities can surpass professional heroes. Like Mirio, Nejire is quite playful, friendly and straightforward, perhaps even too much at times. This directness can be confused with rudeness, despite the fact that this was not Nejire’s intention. Having befriended Mirio and Tamaki, Nejire seemed to have become more open.

Despite the fact that Nejire is described as sweet and cheerful, she is different when she fights. Her quirk, wave motion, allows her to send shock waves to the enemy. However, due to the fact that her quirk requires her to use her own energy, Nejire can get tired pretty quickly. Along with using wave motion to attack, Nejire can also use it to defend. This is a universal ability, although it does not seem so at first. Like Mirio and Tamaki, Nejire has great control over her quirk, which makes her one of the Big Three.

Tamaki Amajiki

Unlike his two cheerful and sociable friends, Tamaki is shy, anxious and introverted. Unfortunately for him, as one of the “Big Three”, Tamaki has to be the center of attention from time to time. As a result, his anxiety and discomfort make him often hide his face. However, he admitted that he is grateful for the friendship with Nejire and Mirio, because they push him to the best. Mirio is especially one of his closest friends and biggest supporters, especially when Tamaki doesn’t feel very confident (which happens in most cases).

Tamaki, also known as Suneater, his hero name, is one of the strongest students in his school and in all of Japan. Despite his abilities and strength, he admits that he does not consider his quirk something special. His quirk consists in a manifestation that allows him to manifest the traits of everything he consumes. It also means that he has to think ahead about what he is eating and use his quirk before his body fully digests the food. Like his two close friends, Tamaki’s strength could surpass many professional heroes. However, his shyness and anxiety tend to restrain him. However, this does not mean that he is not trying to overcome his internal obstacles.


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