My Hero Academy: how can the power of a healing girl be used for evil


How could a school take a bunch of teenagers and expose them to such dangerous conditions without child abuse protesters bombarding their neighborhood? Well, of course, because of “The Young Heroine: the Healing Girl.” This Hero’s quirks are an important advantage for U.A. High School, as her healing kiss provides enough insurance for their dangerous workouts.

However, students and Heroes can consider themselves lucky that Chiyo Shuzenji was not influenced by the forces of evil in the days of her youth, since her quirk can have fatal consequences. This nurse’s superpowers can have potentially disastrous consequences if they fall into the wrong hands; here’s hoping that All For One doesn’t make the same connection.

Quirks and all

Like any mother who has the magical power to heal with a kiss, the quirk of a Recovering Girl allows her to mend broken bones and heal severe wounds, rejuvenating the patient’s health from the inside and at an accelerated rate. Despite what it seems, this heroic nurse doesn’t actually heal because her quirk just increases the body’s ability to heal itself; so technically whoever gets those enchanted kisses is actually doing all the work.

The Healing Girl’s power is capable of extraordinary feats, which seem to involve almost everything that is medically possible (therefore with the exception of regrowing limbs or reviving corpses). courted. Before applying her supernatural treatment, the Healing Girl must personally assess the condition of the injured patient to make sure that his body is able to withstand rapid healing, otherwise they may eventually exhaust all their stamina. And this does not just mean a lack of energy, on the contrary, it leads to one-way death.

The Healing Girl is careful in using her quirk, as Deku quickly discovers that the Young Heroine’s kiss is not guaranteed at the end of every battle. In order to remain as effective as possible, Chiyo Shujenji is also a qualified practitioner who can rely on traditional medicine if necessary. She performs Deku’s surgery during the UA Sports Festival arch before shriveling up, but can only heal his arm to a certain extent. Due to the increasingly reckless behavior of the students, the Healing Girl threatens to refuse further treatment to those who impulsively put themselves in danger, fearing that one day she may be completely powerless to save them.

The Kiss of Death

Chiyo Shuzenji is obviously a particularly compassionate and warm-hearted person who is very closely connected to the Almighty, but what if her life path took a darker turn? Imagine an evil healing girl (obviously with a more villainous name) who used her quirk to suck the energy out of her victims by applying the ultimate Kiss of Death. The famous Support Hero will become a nightmare, wandering in search of victims in almost the same way as a dementor, leaving a completely different impression on his “patients”.

The fact that her mouth can stretch to extreme sizes gives this granny much more maneuverability and more desirable reach, and who knows how fast a Healing Girl can smack those lips. This malleable mouth (though strange-looking) could probably have been relatively inconspicuous; a potentially stealthy snake capable of sneaking up on an unsuspecting victim to deliver the final blow. Even at an advanced age, Chiyo Shuzenji can cause significant damage if placed in an ideal location on the battlefield, combined with impeccable timing and strategic planning.

The femme fatale

As a member of the League of Villains, it would be better for the Healing Girl to have a sufficient understanding of the battles taking place to adequately assess which opponent would be more advantageous to the target (and therefore she would never provoke a fight herself). of her comrades from the Paranormal Liberation Front were in a difficult situation, the Healing Girl could probably heal them with her quirk, but it was the enemy Heroes who were more likely to receive some “affection”. If the odds start to stack up in favor of the Villains, Chiyo can strike at the most (not) appropriate moment (depending on how you look at it) to kiss and, in fact, maim, if not kill, her already wounded victims, one of them. one.

Since this has never been done before (as far as fans know), it’s unclear if the Recovering Girl’s quirk will affect the undamaged recipient. Since her abilities speed up her own healing abilities, they may not activate for no good reason, however, the League of Villains would be more than happy to help in this matter by beating up some victims first.


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