My hero academy has just hinted at the death of its most important character


THE MAIN SPOILERS for chapter 362 of My Hero Academia are ahead.

Since the beginning of the final battle with All for One and his followers, My Hero Academia fans have been thinking about which heroes will survive and which are doomed to make the final sacrifice. After weeks of allusions to various characters, it seems that the first death of the main character has finally occurred, and the shock of who it is is likely to make many fans reeling.

In this last battle, heroes and villains were scattered over a large area in small groups — a tactic used by heroes to try to gain the upper hand. It’s been pretty effective so far, but with teams consisting of very important characters like Shoto Todoroki or Endeavour, along with more minor characters, there are a lot of characters in each battle that can be removed to prove their point. For example, many fans believed that Endeavour itself would fall first, completing its arc of redemption, but this did not happen. Characters who were greatly outnumbered by a powerful villain, such as Jiro and Tokoyami, seemed especially easy targets, and in chapters 360 and 361, some fans worried that it might be Tamaki Amajiki from the “Big Three” on the chopping block.

Chapter 360 ended with the Best Genie trying to help the wounded Bakugo, who (in accordance with the character) insisted on continuing the fight. 362 first starts with Tamaki, but soon switches to Bakugo, getting back on his feet. Using the new technique, Bakugo was able to move fast enough to read and dodge Shigaraki’s attacks, but this power was expensive. The spheres of condensed nitroglycerin that he uses to create his explosions began to circulate through his body, exploding and dealing damage with each use. The narrative explicitly states that Bakugo was unaware of this potential problem, which turned out to be a tragic mistake that eventually caused his heart to (literally) explode. The chapter ends with Bakugo lying lifeless on the ground after seeing a vision of the Almighty and going to his parents worried about the rain, assuming that he really is gone.

The exact sequence of events in the manga is difficult to interpret; Bakugo could have died spontaneously from a very poorly placed explosion, or it could have been the result of a blow that Shigaraki landed in the next frame, reverberating all over his body, causing the infamous fragile chemical to ignite. It is also unclear if Bakugo knew that this technique was so dangerous. He tells the Best Jeanist to keep an eye on the rest, which suggests that he knew he was taking a risk, but the narrative strongly states the opposite. Ironically, nitroglycerin is also well known for its medicines, which are mainly related to the treatment of heart diseases.

Since Bakugo was number 1 in My Hero Academia in the latest My Hero Academia character popularity poll conducted by Weekly Shonen Jump, killing him is an extremely bold move compared to manga, which mostly avoided character deaths, with some significant exceptions. And, as one of the student characters, many believed that he was beyond the limits of the possible at all. If Bakugo is indeed irreversibly dead, it marks a dramatic change in how this last battle unfolded, and almost anyone could be next.


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