My Hero Academia celebrates Halloween with a cute illustration


My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi shared an illustration on Twitter celebrating this year’s Halloween


Usually, Kohei Horikoshi, creator of My Hero Academia, has a full work schedule due to the manga. But every now and then he takes a little time to create original sketches, which he posts on Twitter.

Sometimes they are to promote the newest volume of his work. In other cases, to kill a bit of time, or even in connection with a special date. He did just that with Halloween this year.

The creator of My Hero Academia celebrates Halloween

Horikoshi created a design featuring Nejire Hado, Eri, and Shoto Todoroki. All of them are dressed up to celebrate the so-called Halloween. In the case of Nejire and Hado, they both say the classic ‘trick or treat’ phrase.

They are both dressed as witches and they look very cute, especially the youngest. As for Shoto, he preferred a somewhat scarier outfit. His head is covered with the pumpkin, a typical fruit of this time.

Only to give it a more sinister tone he turned to his Quirk, so that one of the pumpkin’s eyes is on. That’s the advantage of being born with a super power that can be harnessed on Halloween.

It is to be imagined that the creator of My Hero Academia had a break, so he decided to give a gift to the many fans of his on this social network. The funny thing about his work is that there is no chapter dedicated to Halloween.

So far there is no episode of the Halloween anime

Although the Japanese are not strangers to this party of the Anglo-Saxon world, it is not so frequent that it appears in the manga and anime. The opposite case of Christmas, which is very present, as well as the New Year.

Not even in the My Hero Academia anime, where there are some filler episodes, there isn’t a Halloween-themed one. This holiday is usually used more than anything for some illustrations.

There are other anime that have one or another episode dedicated to Halloween. For example, Bleach, although it is more of a monster theme and we are referring to 304. In the case of My Hero Academia, it still has time to include something like that.

The sixth season is already approved, but at the moment it is not known when it will air. If by chance this or the one that follows comes to be broadcast in the fall, there is a possibility that it will be used on Halloween.

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