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My Friend Peppa Pig, Announced A New Game In The SeriesFor 2021


My Friend Peppa Pig: Bandai Namco Entertainment presents the new video game based on the popular Peppa Pig children’s series. It will be released on consoles and PC this fall. Bandai Namco Entertainment and Outright Games have announced My Friend Peppa Pig, an adventure video game based on the popular British cartoon series Peppa Pig. In collaboration with Hasbro and eOne, its entertainment content creation studio, this new foray of the saga into the world of video games is scheduled for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and PC in autumn 2021.

On the occasion of the announcement, the editor has presented a trailer that you can see at the beginning of this news. According to the information, My Friend Peppa Pig will be aimed at the smallest of the house and will allow us to create and control our own avatar, who will join the Peppa Pig universe and visit some of the best-known places in the television series; from the beach, the Frozen Mountain, Pepa’s house or Patatolandia.

“Embark on a unique adventure and interact with the beloved characters from the world of Peppa. Play with George and Mummy Pig at Peppa’s house, help Daddy Pig find his lost glasses or jump in muddy puddles. You will have the power to decide what will happen in history!

Additionally, Bandai Namco and Outright Games are working on a full localization that includes full dubbing into English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish.

Peppa Pig, an icon of children’s entertainment; broadcast in more than 180 countries

The impact of Peppa Pig as a media franchise is superlative. Since its initial premiere in 2004 and considered one of the “queens of preschool series”, it has broadcast in more than 180 countries and is currently the most watched children’s series on the entire planet; added to its leadership in this segment through the YouTube portal. The television series can be followed on channels such as Clan and Nick Jr.

It is not just a television series, however. Beyond the small screen, Peppa Pig has merchandising of all kinds. The next fan date will take place this fall on consoles.

Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games, said on the occasion of the announcement: “Peppa Pig is a global success and we are very happy to bring this world to life in a new video game for consoles. This is a game for young children and their parents to enjoy together exploring Peppa’s world and living a new adventure. We couldn’t be more excited about its release this fall. “



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