“My favorite tweet” — Fans Agree That Wrexham Team Owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny Share Their Love for Wales


Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny managed to win Wales. Two Hollywood celebrities are not only funny and funny, but also talented entrepreneurs. Despite everything, the duo decided to invest in a team that had lost its true glory. Having invested 2 million pounds, they decided to return the club to its glory step by step. But it wasn’t just about marketing and PR skills. Communication with the team’s players, fans and local residents was an important factor.

The comedian expressed his appreciation by tweeting a photo of the Welsh stadium. On the field, you can see a boy playing in a T-shirt. McElhenny signed it with a son who asks his father what heaven is like. “No, son. This is Wales,” the father replies. The heartfelt post has already attracted a lot of attention, but Reynolds only took it up a notch by retweeting it for his audience.

“This is my all—time favorite tweet,” Reynolds added. The two often attend matches and are directly involved in any activity related to their club Wrexham AFC. Despite being outsiders, it didn’t take them too long to get used to the lifestyle as they continue to thank the people of Wales for their support.

The Wrexham fans agreed with Reynolds’ praise and delight in the comments. That’s what they had to say.

Twitterati Supports Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny as They Call Wales Paradise

In a few years, the name of Wrexham has become a household name not only in Wales, but all over the world. Fans join in to pour out their love for the team.

Wrexham co-owner John Driffield referred to the April 29 match between Wrexham and Torquay United, saying that a tweet about the team’s victory would be even better.

While local fans are more than grateful to the new owners for using the services of the club so well. They addressed some fans individually and urged them to publicly support the team. People appreciate the great demand and the name he got thanks to the fame of the duo.

When a club becomes famous, it has a positive effect on the whole area, and also contributes to the development of the economy.

Although the team is not one of the best in the football league, it has started to show good results. The friendly match between Wrexham and Manchester United is due to take place in July, which will give an additional boost.

What do you think about the duo’s leadership with Wrexham? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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