My Bakugan Hero Academy is at a crossroads that could damage the franchise


Attention: spoilers of Chapter 359 “My Hero Academy” are ahead!

Katsuki Bakugo is at an important turning point in his journey as a hero, and huge changes are coming as “My Hero Academy” approaches its long-awaited final segment.

Since his appearance, Bakugo’s character has changed in many ways. He was originally introduced as a bully who tormented his former childhood acquaintance Izuku Midoriya for years when they were growing up; a pastime he resumed when they were both accepted into Yu.A. High. However, readers later learned that Bakugo constantly humiliated Midoriya because he was actually afraid of him and felt that Midoriya threatened his own achievements— even before Midoriya actually acquired the quirk of the Almighty “One for All” and became a Deku. This fear was also one of the main driving forces why Bakugo refused anyone’s help and always worked alone, although in order to be a hero, cooperation is required. However, Bakugo later apologized to Deku for years of bullying and even started working in a team.

By topic: My Hero Academy can use the return of a fan-favorite hero against Deku

Although Bakugo has accepted the fact that Deku is the true successor of the Almighty, he still hasn’t given up on his dream that he will eventually become the number one hero. And by the end of chapter 359, Bakugo finds himself in a place where he will either get one step closer to that dream or be forced to take two steps back. After introducing his brand new gear, known as the Overwhelming Heavy Mobile Unit: Strafe Panzer, he unleashes his most powerful burst of energy-Howitzer Impact: Cluster-against the Tomura Shigaraki/All For One hybrid. But it turns out that the best Bakugo is not enough. Not only is Bakugo unable to defeat his opponent, Shigaraki even breaks Bakugo’s arm. Bakugo’s prospects are so bleak after these major failures that the young hero cannot help but comment on their power gap, despite the fact that he gives all his strength.

My Hero Academia has two obvious choices for Bakugo in the future. This can cause Bakugo to either experience the stereotypical senen awakening, which allows him to defeat his opponent no matter what, or allow him to grow further, forcing him to rely on other heroes. While Bakugo’s fans would undoubtedly prefer the former option, the latter is by far the best choice in terms of his character. Aside from the cliche, which would be an enhancement, Bakugo’s inability to win alone against Shigaraki/All for one would add to his tragic persona of a hero who is still not as great as Deku. If Bakugo can accept both this realization and some additional help from others, regardless of his failure, he will grow significantly not only as a hero, but also as a person.

Fortunately, My Hero Academia has already avoided indulging in overused formulas, so it’s possible that Katsuki Bakugo may well not experience awakening in the next chapter, despite being perfectly prepared for it. The young hero has already grown so much, and failure will help him grow even more. So it would be a shame if he didn’t fail not only for his character, but for my Hero Academy as a whole.