My Adventures With Superman: HBO Max Announces New DC Series


My Adventures With Superman: HBO Max announced on Wednesday (19) that it will produce the animated series My Adventures With Superman. Still without a release date, the production will tell the story of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in their youth, around 20 years old.

The animation will have at least 2 seasons and will also be shown on the Cartoon Network. Actors Jack Quaid (The Boys) and Alice Lee (2 Broke Girls) will voice the couple.

“This new version of the Warner Bros. Animation team features a modern, identifiable Clark Kent alongside a fearless and smart Lois Lane, who are navigating the small tasks of becoming adults and trying to save the world,” said Amy Friedman, Head of Kids & Family Programming at Warner.

My Adventures With Superman will have Jake Wyatt (comic) and Brendan Clogher (Avatar: The legend of Korra) as producers. Josie Campbell, who recently worked on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, will co-produce.

In the official statement, HBO Max also revealed that Jimmy Olsen, photographer for the Daily Planet, will be another recurring character. “This is Superman’s first animated series in many years and we want to tell our Superman story through the trio of Clark, Lois and Jimmy – whose relationship dynamics will allow for rich and engaging stories,” said Sam Register, president of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios.

The streaming HBO Max arrives in Brazil in June with attractions such as Gossip Girl, Love Life, Justice League, Birds of Prey, The Man of Steel, Scooby-Doo, Wonder Woman 1984, Joker, Sucession and Harry Potter (the complete saga ).


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