‘My activity on Google’ page gets a dark theme


In recent years, we have seen the gradual availability of the dark theme in apps by Google, thus helping to make the user experience more aligned with the rest of the interface offered on smartphones and tablets that already offer the option as standard.

However, not just updates to apps, Google lives and recently, the company decided to update and include support for the dark theme to a page that by many is ignored and little visited: the ‘My activity on Google’, which is responsible for managing your account preferences.

As can be seen in the prints below, the page is available for cell phones (and also for PC browsers), the page is automatically adapted to the theme of the device or browser, offering a dark gray background and white letters.

Fortunately, the adaptation on the page seems to be very mature, not showing areas pending adjustments and thus guaranteeing an experience without scares or unexpected changes during access by users (something that, certainly, the eyes are grateful).

It is worth remembering that this is not the first page adapted by Google to understand how the user’s device understands the interface, having already seen this same implementation in the Keep service, in the support page and in a limited way in Gmail and the “new Google Chrome tab.

In time: it seems that the usage experience in question is already available to all users, given that it worked normally here, even though they are logged into a personal account.

My activity on Google

So, what did you think of the adjustments to the ‘My activity on Google’ page? Tell us in the comments!

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