MX vs. ATV All Out, analysis. Turning the page


We analyze the version for Nintendo Switch of the latest installment of the MX vs. ATV, which is not up to the task neither as a port, nor as a motocross game.

In Game of Thrones there was a very popular saying among some characters that went like this: “What is dead cannot die.” Anyone would say that it is the same leitmotif that the members of Rainbow Studios, the developer at the controls of MX vs. ATV All Out. The game came out in March 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, platforms on which it failed critically and publicly. In Metacritic, for example, the version with the most reviews, the one for PS4, the press gave an average score of 4.2 and users a 4.1. It thus became the worst-rated installment of the MX vs. ATV (which dates back to 2005 and has six different chapters with it). In addition, the sales it recorded seem ridiculous, even though they are only available on sites like VGChartz, whose data must always be taken with a grain of salt. But its creators did not collapse after such results and joined the Greyjoy House. “What is dead cannot die.” Or said in a much more traditional and Spanish way, “from lost to the river”.

As things were not going to get worse, several months after the launch, already in 2019, Rainbow Studios released an Anniversary Edition of the game in which it included all kinds of content that was previously paid DLC. There was no resurrection, but almost. This review reached 6.9 on Metacritic … and then dropped to 3.6 in user ratings. Many of the original buyers felt cheated and argued that the “Anniversary Edition” was the one that should have been marketed from the outset. Now, a year after that second christening, Rainbow Studios is going for the third. You think MX vs. ATV All Out can be squeezed even more than the Springfield lemon tree, and in this case with a version for Nintendo Switch. If things don’t go well, what’s one more nail in the coffin? And if it goes well, who knows, maybe there is hope for the franchise, which these days rivals from different disciplines such as Monster Energy Supercross, Ride, MotoGP and MXGP are pressing. All of them, curiously, developed by Milestone. Continuing with the Game of Thrones analogy, it’s like seeing the Drowned God cult (MX vs. ATV All Out) struggling to survive against the Faith of the Seven (the Milestone sagas). Today at MeriStation we want to check if the third time is the charm and if this time the saying of the Iron Islands is completely fulfilled. Because it ensures that what is dead cannot die, true, but also that “it rises again, harder, stronger.”


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