MWC 2021 will be in place for 50 thousand people


The MWC (Mobile World Congress), the largest technology event for mobile devices in the world, will be held in person in Barcelona. According to the Bloomberg portal, the event’s organizer states that the 2021 edition should take place between June 28 and July 1, with the expectation of up to 50 thousand participants.

Various protective measures will be taken before and during the event. All participants, exhibitors and visitors must present a negative proof of covid-19 and repeat the test every 72 hours. Everyone should wear masks and practice social isolation. In addition, the site will have improved air ventilation, available medical staff and temperature checks.

At the beginning of last year, with the increasing spread of the coronavirus around the world, the GSM Association, responsible for organizing the conference, opposed the cancellation of the event. The decision to postpone was only taken when major brands such as LG, ZTE, Sony and Amazon said they would not participate in the meeting.

In February of this year, the GSMA held an MWC in Shanghai, China, and gathered around 17 thousand people. No cases of covid-19 related to the event have been reported.

More face-to-face events in 2021?

With the largest conference in the world returning to the face-to-face model, questions began about which events would return to “normal”. One of the most considered was WWDC 2021, organized by Apple, scheduled for June this year. However, it seems that the annual Maça conference should continue in online mode.

According to the company, with the remote model, it was possible to offer laboratories and free sessions to anyone, anywhere in the world. Information on WWDC 2021 is due to be released in May.

In addition to Apple, other important events have already been confirmed in the virtual model, including San Diego Comic-Con, Anime Expo and E3.


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