MWC 2021: The world’s largest mobile fair is planned


The Mobile World Congress (MWC) was one of the first technology events to be canceled in 2020 because of the coronavirus. With this, the next edition of the fair is being organized with the pandemic in mind, according to the GSMA Association.

Scheduled for March 1, 2021, the fair is already in planning, and the organizers are working on extra security and cleaning solutions in case the event happens in person. Still, the GSMA team does not rule out the possibility of having to change the format of the fair because of the pandemic.

“MWC 2020 has taught us to be flexible and to respond quickly to emerging information,” explained a GSMA spokesman in response to TechRadar. “In addition to physical changes, we are developing a communication plan to ensure that all stakeholders have regular information.”

Virtual elements

In addition to bringing physical changes and more transparency, MWC 2021 will feature “virtual elements” to ensure more flexibility for participants. According to the GSMA, the organization is looking for ways to offer content and online meetings for those unable to travel to the event, which takes place in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

“During MWC, there are about 2 million meetings, with millions in closed deals and valuable social interactions that bring the industry together,” said the GSMA. “For those who are unable to travel at the time, we are working to provide elements in a virtual way”.

The GSMA’s statements about the Mobile World Congress are quite optimistic about the pandemic. Recently, the organizers of CES 2021, which takes place at the beginning of the year, announced that the fair will take place exclusively online in its next year’s edition, still on account of covid-19.


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