MWC 2021 is postponed again! Here are the new dates


Mobile World Congress (MWC), which is one of the most important events for the technology sector and held every year in Barcelona, ​​is an event where many new phones are introduced and innovations in the mobile device sector are announced.

MWC 2021 event has been postponed!

The corona virus epidemic, which affected the whole world, caused it to be canceled in this event. MWC, one of the first technological losses in the COVID-19 outbreak, was canceled after dozens of controversies that emerged in February.

The next event date is planned for March 2021. However, with the official statement made today, it was announced months ago that MWC 2021 was once again postponed. The GSMA (industry association behind MWC) announced that the new dates are set for June 28 – July 1, 2021.

The main reason for making this decision is that the predictions are not accurate, that is, the epidemic is still uncontrollable all over the world. Many brands, including Sony, LG, Amazon, Intel, Facebook and Nokia, left MWC 2020 before they were officially canceled.

In this context, it remains unknown whether they will return to MWC 2021.

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