Mutropolis, Pc analysis: Futuristic Archeology


We analyze Mutropolis, the first graphic adventure from the Madrid studio Pirita Studios, which exudes classic spirit on all four sides.

The relationship of the graphic adventure genre with the development of videogames in our country is curious to say the least. Despite the enormous success that the genre had in Spain, and the tremendous popularity it enjoyed in our country since the mid-80s, it would not be until 1994 when the first graphic adventure created in the homeland would be launched. Yes, in 1987 the good folks at Opera Soft released the incunabula Crime Abbey, and during the late 1980s and early 1990s we were able to enjoy unforgettable conversational adventures made here, but these weren’t proper adventure games. It would be the Madrid-based Pendulo Studios who would have the honor of launching the first Spanish graphic adventure, the mythical Igor: Target Uikokahonia from 94. Unfortunately, and despite the enormous success that the genre had until the end of the 90s, we saw few more incursions into it. of the native software, except for the original Dráscula by Alcachofa Soft and the new sagas of Pendulo itself, Hollywood Monsters and Runaway.

Curiously, it is now, years after the genre was considered dead from 2000, and in full resurgence of graphic adventures to the surprise of many, that several Spanish studios have opted to jump into the ring developing graphic adventures, having our Genre’s own homeland golden age of a few years so far. In this time we have had such outstanding titles as The Last Door (The Game Kitchen), Dead Synchronicity (Fictiorama), Randal’s Monday (Nexus Game Studios) or the hybrid with video adventure Candle (Teku studios) and the damned difficult Gods Will Be Watching (Deconstructeam). For this year we expect the promising 3 Minutes to Midnight (Scarecrow Studios) or Lone McLonegan. And of course, this Mutropolis from the Madrid-based Pirita Studios, made up of only 2 members, Beatriz Gascón and Juan Pablo González.

Mutropolis is a totally classic graphic adventure, with pointer control and traditional puzzles in the genre, most of them based on using objects from the inventory in the right places. We really liked their story and their characters, and the humor they show off, as well as their attractive visual finish of watercolor and pastel tones. We have not liked so much its effort to look so much like the classics in which it is inspired and inherit the less good of those, with puzzles that are often not logical and poorly implemented in the development of the adventure. The people of Pirita have not made it easy for us in an adventure that is not the best option to start in the genre, since despite its friendly appearance, it will be the most veteran and expert adventurers who enjoy it the most.


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