Mutated, Much More Contagious Covid-19 Virus Detected


Scientists from the Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology, located in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, announced that mutated Covid-19 was detected in the country. It is stated that the virus called D614G is much more contagious but milder.

In December 2019, the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), which emerged suddenly in Wuhan, China, with cases of pneumonia, of which the cause could not be explained, spread throughout the world in a short time and became a pandemic. The number of cases, which exceeded the 25 million threshold as of yesterday, continues to spread every day and negatively affect life.

While many countries were waiting for the second wave in the epidemic, the frequently mentioned “mutated Covid-19” words came true. In Indonesia, where 2,858 new cases were detected across the country in the last 24 hours and the number of cases started to increase again, scientists announced that a mutated and much more contagious virus was detected.

The mutated virus, called D614G, is said to be much more contagious:

In the statement made by the Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the total number of cases detected so far has increased to 172,053 with the latest numbers announced, “In the new cases detected, a more contagious but a milder virus was detected. “statements were used.

Speaking to Reuters, the institute’s vice president, Herawati Sudoyo, said that new cases detected across the country could be a mutated new strain of Covid-19. “We noticed this change in the gene sequence in the data obtained by the Institute,” Sudoyo said in his statement. “A more comprehensive research needs to be done to understand whether the recent increase is due to this or not.”

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The species, which the World Health Organization says was detected in February and is roaming in Europe and America, has also been detected in Indonesia’s neighboring countries, Singapore and Malaysia.


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