What you must NOT do to conquer your crush


Love is one of the most difficult and painful things that human beings go through, it is something that makes us happy and fills us with magical sensations but when it ends or does not go as we want, everything makes us sulk or makes us cry for many nights, it even affects our self-esteem.

Today, we know that a crush cannot be your real love, perhaps it is only a flirt or a passing love, but if you are looking to conquer it, there are things you should avoid doing, remember that this person is not necessarily your boyfriend, you deserve respect and he too. We leave you a list with 5 tips so that you do not ruin things with that special person, although also remember to value yourself and wait for the boy who loves you as you deserve.

Be loving

We know that your crush is the boy of your dreams and you want to express what you feel, but if you do not have a relationship with him, the only thing you will do is expose your feelings, hurt or harass him, because cloying messages could make him feel uncomfortable.

Cause jealousy

It’s okay to not get hooked on him and have other friends or acquaintances, but making him jealous of being affectionate with someone else will only drive him away or think he’s just a simple flirt, if you really want him for something serious, just try to be honest and direct


Listening, seeing or doing things that he likes just to get his attention is super bad, not only because you are not genuine, when he asks you about something you could fall for your own lie or really not show interest in those things when they are together, the differences complement people.

Guard it

We know that it is impossible, but if it is not your boyfriend, your crush can have friends or go out with whoever you want, you must learn to separate a flirt with a relationship, if both of you are seeing what a wave, you can let it go or give it up, because you You are looking for something exclusive, but if it is only to go out and enjoy a bit of your singleness, you should not watch over it or claim anything from it.

Be so obvious or overbearing

If things have already moved a bit and have a certain exclusivity, avoid stalking him, sending him messages daily or expressing yourself as if they were already dating. That can kill the magic, both continue to know each other, be careful with your actions, honest, but do not trust too much, do not rush things, a good rhythm and patience could reap great love.

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