Musk was inspired to change the design of Starship.


A scene shown in the film The Dictator (2012), starring actor Sacha Baron Cohen, served as inspiration for SpaceX to modify the design of the Starship spacecraft, with which the company wants to take humanity to the Moon and Mars. The revelation was made by Elon Musk last Thursday (11), while participating in the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

In the program led by actor and comedian Joe Rogan, the billionaire commented on the progress in the development of Starship’s prototypes and the changes the project has undergone. At this point, he cited the scene in which General Admiral Shabazz Aladeen (Cohen) assesses the rockets created by his engineers.

Dissatisfied with the design of one of them, the leader of the fictional nation of Wadhiya complains about one of the missiles being too round at the top and demands changes, making him “more pointed”. And it was this speech that Musk used as inspiration to modify the look of the spaceship built by his company.

Asked by the presenter if he really asked his engineers to make the Starship more pointed, he did not hesitate: “Yes. And they know it, ”he confirmed through laughter. “It’s not like they’re unaware of it. I thought it would be funny to make it more pointed, so we did it ”, he continued, explaining that the change was made even without bringing any aerodynamic advantage.

Orbital flight

In the conversation that lasted more than 3 hours, Musk also revealed plans to place one of the spacecraft’s prototypes to fly to Earth orbit as early as 2021 (for now, they only performed shorter flights).

It is worth remembering that in the two most recent tests, the conceptual versions entitled SN8 and SN9 had problems and ended up exploding, but the SN10 model is now ready to be tested.

He also commented that he believes it is possible to put the final version of the spacecraft to fly regularly from 2023.


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