Musk: Tesla to launch ‘exciting news’ on September 22


The automaker Tesla will hold an event on September 22 called Battery Day, focused on news about storage and power supply. According to the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, the public can expect “several exciting things” announced at the conference.

The so-called Battery Day happens together with a meeting of the company’s shareholders. Both events have been postponed a few times because of the new coronavirus pandemic, but have now been given the final date. The investor meeting will be totally virtual, while Battery Day will have the participation of some selected people.

According to the Electrek website, the highlight of the event will be a battery unit manufacturing process, which speeds up the company’s car production chain and also reduces costs.

Internally, it is called Project Roadrunner – a genre of birds that is also the original name of the character Papa-Léguas. A small production line to house the project has already been set up in Fremont, California, where one of Tesla’s main plants is located.

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