Musk Says Tesla Will Accept Bitcoin Again And Cryptocurrency Goes Up


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has again generated a rise in bitcoin’s market value after mentioning cryptocurrency deals on Twitter.

This time, the businessman mentioned that the automaker will again accept the purchase of vehicles using cryptocurrencies. The speech comes after confirmation that they are consuming approximately 50% less energy in mining and with better prospects for the future.

In the tweet, he also defended himself from criticism that Tesla had sold its entire bitcoin reserve to take advantage of a bullish moment. According to Musk, it was only 10% of reservations “to confirm that it could be easily liquidated without moving the market”.

According to Reuters, the statement was welcomed by the cryptocurrency industry: it reached the value of US$ 40,000 (about R$ 202,000 in direct currency conversion) for the first two weeks, after a long period. of instability. Only this Monday morning (14), the increase registered was 4.3%.


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