Musk Says Bezos’ Main Job is To Sue SpaceX


Elon Musk used Twitter to criticize rival billionaire Jeff Bezos. The SpaceX CEO made a joke of Blue Origin and Amazon starting lawsuits against his aerospace company.

“It turns out that Bezos retired to take a full-time job suing SpaceX,” said Elon Musk, responding to a post about the recent legal battle involving Blue Origin.

understand the case

In early August, Blue Origin, the Bezos aerospace company, sued NASA after SpaceX won the contract to take astronauts to the moon.

Now, Amazon has asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reject SpaceX’s plans to launch new Starlink satellites. Remembering that Bezos left the position of CEO of the e-commerce giant recently.

Experts believe that the action does not appear to be a formal process, but an open letter of protest. Technically, the company believes that the aerospace company should be clearer about the role of internet network satellites.

More problems for SpaceX

The new lawsuit against SpaceX affects the launch of 30,000 2nd generation satellites that will improve Starlink’s service. Amazon claims the space company is asking the FCC to approve the use of two different orbital configurations.

“Using two mutually exclusive frameworks is at odds with public policy. That’s why we insist that the agency reject the change,” said Mariah Dodson Shuman, Amazon Kuiper System’s legal advisor.

The representative cites that the use of the two configurations can harm other satellite operators. Therefore, SpaceX must choose just one plan or it will set precedents for other companies to do the same.


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