Musk promises to manufacture respirators if there is a shortage


Despite not ending the operations of some of his factories, Elon Musk shows solidarity with the international crisis in Covid-19. In a tweet published today (19), Tesla’s CEO said he would manufacture hospital respirators if they are lacking in hospitals.

Some patients infected with the new coronavirus need to use these machines for several hours every day. The device is responsible for assisting breathing, being able to alleviate the strong breathing difficulty common in the disease. Unfortunately, there are few devices available in hospitals in several countries.

When asked by another Twitter profile, Musk replied that he will use Tesla’s factories to meet demand for the product. “We will make more respirators if there is a shortage,” he said. When told that the situation is already serious, Musk asked for the name of the hospitals in need: “Respirators are not complicated, but they cannot be produced instantly. Which hospitals are suffering from shortages now?” He asked.

And it would not be specific to Tesla. Reuters points out that Ford and GM must also redirect their production lines to supply hospitals. Manufacturers are already in discussions with governments to recognize the needs and how the partnership could be realized.

In addition, a recent update reveals that activities at Tesla plants must be reduced considerably to make it possible to quarantine employees.