Musk: 2% Of Your Fortune Would Solve World Hunger, Says UN


Elon Musk: Billionaire Elon Musk said this Sunday (31) that he would be willing to sell part of his shares in Tesla and donate the amount raised to end hunger in the world. The comment was a response to United Nations (UN) World Food Program director David Beasley.

In an interview with CNN, Beasley reportedly commented that a donation of $6 billion (R$34 billion at today’s rate) would save 42 million people from starvation across the planet. For this task, he enlisted the help of billionaires like Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Responding to the UN director on Twitter (see below), the richest man in the world said there are some conditions for making the donation. The entity needs to prove how the mentioned amount would solve the problem of hunger in the world.

Next, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX also called for transparency regarding how the money would be spent, leaving the data open to the public. With those requirements met, Musk would be willing to “sell the stock right now” and make the donation.