Musician Charlie Puth called Ellen DeGeneres for treatment on his label


I don’t think Ellen was “one call away.”

Charlie Puth has been playing on the radio for more than 10 years. The “Light Switch” singer started his career after posting covers on YouTube with his girlfriend Emily Luther. He was soon discovered by Ellen DeGeneres, who signed him to her label Eleven Eleven in 2011. It sounds like a fairy tale, but the label was full of problems and would have been considered non-existent in 2012, just a few years after its founding. . Now Charlie Puth talks about his experience working on the label and handling it in the early days of his career.

Recently, Puth was a guest on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, where he talked about his early work in the music industry and what role DeGeneres played in it. Put frankly spoke about the lack of support from the now-defunct label, admitting:

No one was actually present, especially after making my first demo EP. After that, I didn’t hear from anyone at all. Without laying the blame on any one person, but on the collective, all the people who were in that room, they just disappeared.

Puth shared that he “doesn’t talk shit about anyone” and that what happened in his career never came up when he was in the same space with Ellen DeGeneres. He also mentioned that he had seen her, feeling that a little time had passed and that it should be “onward and upward.”

Meanwhile, he talked about how the pandemic helped him return to his previous state, but it took some work and introspection, as he noted that he had lost two people who, in his opinion, he needed to move forward and really succeed. music career, including business relationships.

One romantic, another business man, the man with whom I started my career, suddenly left my life. But I felt that with the years that have passed since the attention, there have been fewer of them in my life. It was the loss of two relationships at the same time, which, as it seemed to me, were necessary for success. And two people I thought I needed to succeed with. Sorry, it’s a minor injury. I realized that I was capable of a lot.

This happened shortly after Grayson Chance, who also signed with the label, spoke about the complete loneliness he felt at eleven eleven, and accused DeGeneres of adventurism. The label dropped Chance when he started falling behind. Chance was one of the first artists the former talk show host signed to her label, also after discovering him on YouTube. While Put clearly agrees with Chance that he felt abandoned at eleven eleven, he also added that his situation was different, adding:

We both have different experiences, me and Grayson.

The criticism of the environment on DeGeneres’ record label arose after disagreements over the working environment on her famous daytime talk show became widely publicized. Many former employees have accused the show’s producers of a toxic workplace culture and said DeGeneres herself was rude to staff.

After many accusations and controversies, the comedian announced that he would end his show in 2022, after 19 years on the air. Accusations of DeGeneres’ behavior led to a decline in ratings, and the show ended with a whimper rather than an explosion. Kelly Clarkson’s daytime show filled the time slot of the longtime host.

Since then, Charlie Puth has walked away from his tough experience at eleven eleven, becoming the best recording artist with four Grammy nominations. He is no longer signed to Ellen Degeneres and is now signed to Artist Partner Group. His fourth studio album Charlie! It was released on October 7, preceded by 5 hit singles.

You can currently stream Charlie! In Apple Music and Spotify. Puth has also written several soundtracks for major films, such as Fast and Furious 7, which is currently streaming on a Peacock subscription. Despite the aforementioned accusations, Ellen DeGeneres is still active in the industry and serves as an executive producer of several television projects, such as Little Funny and Couple Time, which will air in the near future. Check out CinemaBlend’s TV release schedule to learn more about what’s coming to the small screen soon.



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