Music Player Elven Ring Beat Margit Using a Harp as a Controller


Musically gifted player Elden Ring recently defeated Margit the Fell Omen using a harp instead of a controller. The soul-like open-world epic FromSoftware puts players through a variety of challenges, ranging from encounters with ruthless bosses to terrifying opponents from another world. Although the harp bow in Elden Ring is a powerful archery weapon, one player completes the game using a completely different type of harp.

The Elden Ring and the Midlands are full of terrifying bosses, but Margit’s Vile omen catches the eye of many players as a cruel test. Located relatively early in the fantasy epic, Margit blocks players’ access to Stormvale Castle and access to the rest of the game’s huge map. Fell Omen hits hard and fast, and tactical attack delays cause many new Elden Ring players to dodge directly from the blow. While Margit is meant to teach players the basics and motivate them to explore Limgrave before fighting it, some players actually dominated the first Margit boss battle in Elden Ring using speed, skill and determination.

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Reddit user Lettuce4Dayz, demonstrating impressive musical and gaming skills, defeated Margit using a harp instead of a controller. It is reported that the innovative player connected each string to a specific controller input, which allowed him to randomly control his tarnished warrior. Rolling, attacking, healing, stopping and more are tied to the notes, turning the boss battle with Margit into an improvised harp song. For example, a series of three dodges and attacks turns into three notes A and G. After defeating Fell Omen, Lettuce4Dayz’s musical journey should now take them to the huge Stormveil fortress for another battle composition.

While the Lettuce4Dayz harp controller is a truly unique sight, other Elden Ring players have used fancy input devices in the past. For example, the banana controller Elden Ring was used to defeat Godric the Grafted, showing an impressive demonstration of potash-rich power. The fascinating device connects several different bananas to a printed circuit board and connects them to a computer using a user interface device, which allows each piece of delicious fruit to function as a separate key on the keyboard. By simply tapping on certain bananas at the right time, an Elden Ring fan can jump, block and cut his way through Godric Grafted.

Elden Ring offers players many worthy challenges, including Margit, but some gamers inevitably face even greater difficulties. By defeating the Fallen Omen with a harp, Lettuce4Dayz proved their skills as both a Tarnished Godslayer and a gifted harpist. However, with Margit out of the way, Lettuce4Dayz now have to compose a new tune as they head to Stormvale and meet Godric.