Music download program eMule is updated after ten years


EMule is back. Very popular in the 2000s to download music, the program received its first update, after 10 years stopped, in the last month of August. The project was taken up by independent developers and is available for download again in Beta version with the same functions and without changes in the visual.

To use, you still need to use a content server to search for files and download them on your computer. Even the chat tab via IRC, the famous messaging protocol of the 1990s, remains. The application is free and available for Windows computers.

In the program forum, the person responsible for the project explains that, despite maintaining the design, there is news behind the scenes. The new eMule can receive e-mails using the SMTP protocol, widely used, for example, in Microsoft Outlook. In addition, the software is compatible with downloads over HTTPS, which makes the connection more reliable. There is also an improvement in support for newer multimedia formats.

Other functions that already existed in the program were also improved. This is the case with the obfuscation tool, which prevents ISPs from identifying P2P (peer-to-peer) download activity. The purpose of the feature is to prevent operators from causing deliberate slowness on the Internet to prevent increased user traffic. According to the developer who relaunches eMule, the new version uses this connection mode by default.


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