Music Application for Children from Spotify: Spotify Kids


The popular music platform Spotify has developed a separate music application for smaller individuals and is preparing to open this application. Spotify Kids, which will work under the control of the parents, is currently available in 3 countries, but the application is expected to open to other countries soon.

Providing millions of users to listen to music easily all over the world, Spotify includes more than 50 million songs. Offering dozens of songs for free to its subscribers, the app also includes podcasts and other non-music content. Although so much content, depending on the different language, genre, theme, and idea, is not an issue for adults, some parents find it unsuitable for their children to access everything while using Spotify.

Spotify launches its new app that will ease the inside of the parents. Thanks to the application, which is not yet available in every country, parents will be able to limit the content available to children and create a safer environment for them. The new application provides a more comfortable use for the little ones thanks to its large keys and colorful design.

Here is the promotional video of Spotify Kids:
The beta version of the application is currently only available in Ireland, the UK and Australia. The app can be downloaded by users who have a subscription to Spotify’s Premium Family. There is no extra fee for the application.

After downloading from Google Play Store or App Store like a normal Spotify and logging in with the user name, Spotify Kids becomes easily available to children.

What are the features provided to children?
Children using the application can choose from many cartoon characters as their own avatar. Kids browsing among the content specially selected for them can add their favorite songs to their library, just like normal Spotify. Parents who determine the audience’s age group through the application can fully control the songs that their children will listen to. The application offers children song suggestions based on their age and what they have listened to before.

The application is not used in our country yet. For now, Spotify Kids, which are only available in Ireland, the UK and Australia, are slowly getting ready to be accessible worldwide.


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